It’s Just Us at Two Brothers Movie

Nov 30, 2022 Finance

Howdy all. It’s the Two Brothers Movie site. Just us. Well, ok, that may not be entirely true since we don’t work in a vacuum. We do have some help! Anyway, because this project is just getting off the ground, we don’t have a whole lot to report just yet, but we will soon.

The fact of the matter is we’re still kind of mulling over some of the topics that we intend to provide here at Two Brothers. Also, we need to consider at some point the overall look and feel that we want to offer. So, right now things might look a tad generic. For that we apologize, but again, we’re only now getting started.

If you asked, and we had to give a guesstimate, we’d say to give us a month or so. But, that could change as well. It’s highly possible that one or the other of us will have some spare time (since this is a side job) and suddenly get a creative outburst that has to be acted on immediately. You’ll know when that happens! Appreciate the visit. Come back soon.

By admin